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Problem Statement for CityApp

App that provides detailed information on Heritage Sites


Summary:  From over the centuries, the built and cultural heritage of Nepal has been well renowned as rich and unique. Research shows that Nepal has many places recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization) as world heritage sites. Multi-dimensional heritage of Nepal encompasses various diversities of Nepal’s ethnic, tribal, and social groups. Tangible and Intangible attributes of Nepal are inherited from the past generations. The tangible cultures include traditional buildings, monuments, work of art, landscapes and books while the intangible culture includes folktales, traditions, and different ethnic languages. With the idea of preserving such cultural heritages, it is important to make sure that these heritage sites are safe and famous all over the world.


Problem statement: Nepal has several cultural heritage sites listed in the UNESCO. However, due to the lack of dissemination of heritage information, tourists and sometimes even nearby city-dwellers are not well informed about it. In many cases, everyone in Nepal including some surrounding people around the main cultural or world heritages is not even aware of the real stories of the heritages. It is difficult for travelers when they cannot get the desired information from people around and the websites. Tourists and new travelers even the students who come for the study tour from Nepal have problems with the knowledge of the proper directions and the stories behind the cultural heritages. Lack of timely information may also lead to the change in decisions of visiting the cultural heritages; this eventually lessens the number of visitors to the heritage sites. Due to the shortage of full information, some tourists are even trapped in the places or sometimes even robbed by local people.


Need Assessment: Local people around the cultural heritage and the visitors including (foreigners) need to know the exact information about the heritage sites. An application is needed to make sure that everyone has proper information to travel to particular cultural heritage. The information could include the exact direction to the heritage sites from Kathmandu, travel cost, description of the most desirable mode of communications, including a rewarding explanation of why one should travel that particular heritage. Informations on restaurants and hotels would also be available in the application so that visitors do not have to worry about food and staying overnight in the place. It is also important to know what other nearby places is good for sightseeing so that visitors could make choice to visit few other places around.  Contact information of the nearest security will also be included in the application so that visitors could inform the securities about their problems (if they face any). This would make them feel secure.


Impact assessment:  When an application is there to give proper information on directions, story of the heritage, nearby important sightseeing places and securities, visitors feel more comfortable and secure to travel in that place even if it is far away from the capital.  The number of tourists might increase and the world heritage sites of Nepal might get more famous all over the world. Visitors then might disseminate the information about the heritage to their friends and colleagues, and this could possibly lead to the increase of visitors.













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