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Problem Statement for CityApp

App to improve the parking facilities

Summary: In Kathmandu, the whole ring road is about 27.2 kilometer, approximately 1100 kilometer long road in Kathmandu Municipality. Ratnapark is one of the main junctions for the inner bus service while Gongabu Bus Park is for the outside valley route. The busiest roads in Kathmandu are from Ratnapark to Koteshwor, Ratnapark to Maharajgung, Ratnapark to Lagankhel, Ratnapark to Jorpati and Ratnapar to Kalanki. According to JICA survey (Japan International Co-operation Agency) almost 800,000 vehicles have been moving in Kathmandu valley out of which there are 109,200 cars and 448,600 cars. There are only 780 fuel stations in the city. Due to such increase in the number of vehicles, parking has become a lot troublesome in the valley. There are only about 35 points for parking. The interesting thing is these parking areas are mostly in roads. Although new departmental stores, shopping malls, movie theatres, star hotels, convention centers, and party palaces have their own parking facilities; there are many other working places, hospitals, clinics, and shopping areas where there are no parking facility.

Problem Statement: Parking facilities in Kathmandu has become a huge problem. There is lack of proper free spaces for parking due to increased unplanned housings in many places of the capital. There has been increase in the number of vehicles, but without sufficient parking spaces. Such growing number of small vehicles especially motorcycles and micro buses have created mess in the city including the increase in traffic jam. Another challenge due to the increased number of vehicles is undisciplined driving, which created obstacle for the traffic management system in Kathmandu. To improve all these, there is a need to create enough parking spaces

Need Statement: There is a need to promote the commercial parking by private sector. Kathmandu Municipality exempts building fee for private parking above 1500 square feet and grant permission to operate such parking. There has been also the construction of two storey parking at old bus park including the expansion of road to avoid traffic congestion. There has been promotion of bus services for the evening time. Yet, still there are problems related to parking. To solve this parking problem, government needs to develop parking zone rather than restrain policies. There is a need of an application that could let the people know where to park their vehicles before hand to avoid the traffic congestion. In addition, the app would also help them discover the nearest and free parking area during their stop.

Impact Statement: Since there are many cases when vehicles are parked on roads, so if there are proper parking places then traffic problem would be less. Even if there are less parking slots, if people are aware of the free space for the parking then they would go and park in that free space. Thus, an application would guide the vehicle owners in Kathmandu towards the free spaced parking slots. This would avoid the traffic congestions in the roads. Also, due to proper parking system, the government could charge the vehicle owner and it could generate the income that could further be used to build another parking area.

Public Transport App



The number of vehicles is increasing and roads are getting narrower. As per the data of 2012-13, the vehicle registration in the country reached a record high in the previous fiscal year. 208,483 vehicles were registered in 2012-13. On the other hand, the open spaces that can be allocated for parking are decreasing, and becoming rarer.


On the other hand, a certain portion of the urban population uses local taxis. But they do not have the idea of the unit rate of the fare with respect to distance. And under this context, it has been reflected that taxis cost quite high to people - so making the mode of transportation unfriendly.


Statement of Problem

Riding on private vehicles or hiring a taxi is getting not consumer friendly in Kathmandu.

1.       People who are driving four wheelers are facing increasing problems of parking space unavailability.

2.       People who are using taxis, or are in urgent need of hiring taxis are being over charged by the taxi drivers.


Need Statement

As driving is associated with specific socio-economic output/s, no one should be discouraged to drive. Any support that will help people become more comfortable for driving should be promoted. So an App that is simple enough and smart enough to help people in context to the stated problem should be developed.


The ‘App’ needs to provide;

ü  Information on nearest parking lots, their availability of parking spaces in given time and other information regarding the parking lot

ü  Provision to find the major taxi stops, their route and a calculator that shows the total fare that is fair to be charged based on distance/route travelled in a taxi


Anticipated Impact

The app will help people save time needed to find parking lots, will increase security of properties and will thus make the travel/transport more managed. Reduced traffic-chaos due to vehicles wondering in search of parking will reduce road traffic as well.

On the other hand, provision for tax-fare calculation will help the taxi users pay fair fares, and this will also decrease conflicts among taxi drivers and people hiring the taxis.



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