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Problem Statement for CityApp

App to calculate the walkability of any location that shows the nearest available markets

Summary: In Kathmandu ever-increasing population has been a big concern. Random openings of restaurants, coffee shops, tea houses, and grocery stores make people’s (mostly workers and travelers) life further difficult in shopping. These people need to know the distance of a newly opened restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores including other important shops so that they can decide which direction to choose for their quick food or shopping.

Problem Statement: There has been a problem that residence and non-residence in Kathmandu have to travel from one place to another in search of good restaurants, tea houses, grocery stores, and coffee shops. Sometimes it might even take hours to just buy a cup of preferred tea. Due to the lack of proper information on the directions of the shops, people are compelled to spend hours of their valuable time in search of some little things. Such loss of time leads to the loss of economy. When people are spending hours to buy a small thing, they are not being productive in their lives. Both the government and people have not realized that over use of time for little issue affects the overall productivity. Lack of departmental stores also forces people to look for little items from one shop to another. This in return contributes to huge loss of time. In Nepal, mostly a member of the family is responsible for the grocery when others are busy doing household work or other work. In most cases, parents send their studying children to the grocery stores which affect their time of study. Similarly workers have to rush for their lunch for hours finding a better place to eat and drink. This lack of information on proper groceries is a huge problem in Kathmandu.

Need Statement: Citizens and government need to know that lack of proper information on grocery stores and big departmental stores has led to the loss of valuable time. People should be able to know where the grocery stores are so that they could quickly go and buy things. There have to be enough number of departmental stores where people could go and get the necessary things in short time. This saves travel expenses and time. Government should also know where the departmental stores are needed.  An application that allows the citizens to know the location of the grocery stores could help them save time and money. Such application that allows the government to realize the demand of a new grocery store would force the government or private owners/companies to establish a new departmental store that is convenient for everyone.

Impact Assessment: When citizens and government use these applications, the problem about the knowledge of nearest available restaurants would be solved. Grocery stores could email, text or send the exact addresses to the government so that the information is disbursed through the applications. This would allow the newly arrived people in capital know about the information on the nearest grocery stores including the restaurants and bus parks. This would save the time and money of the citizens. The app will also help users find buildings and rentals and let users search by commute time or whether a location is near bus stop or public transport facility eventually saving the time of everyone.


Helping Hand for Emergency - App



The beauty of urban life in Kathmandu is partly shadowed by rush, traffic chaos, and pollution. Vehicular road accidents, heart attacks and other health risks are inevitable situations that urban populations face when they are mingling in their busy daily schedules. A data shows that there were 13000 road accidents in Nepal during 2012-13. Urban chaos has added up the risk of mortality during such cases/accidents.


Statement of Problem

On the other hand, the general public lack health-education. Accessibility to health care centers is also made challenging in emergency situations due to the lack of information on ambulance services and information on medical institutions/facilities.


Need Statement

Information on what to do to help one when there is an accident or when there is emergency situation, especially during in-accessibility of medical facilities within short time, information of nearest hospitals (with key features), easy accessibility to ambulances services and any other crucial information that can save life of a person in accidents or during emergency should be made easily available to people. An App can be a very helpful means for all these;


Thus an ‘App’ is needed for:

ü  First Aid or Primary Treatment Guide

ü  Information on nearest major hospital, clinics and medical centers with their features/services

ü  Hot-lines to know about the availability of ambulance services, and to get it from nearest possible places

ü  Notification to emergency unit of the hospital upon acknowledgement to the hospital



Anticipated Impact

We can help our city be more prepared to help others or one-self during cases of accidents or emergency cases. The App will save lives of people in such situations and will give the medical centers a preparatory time to receive patients and treat them as soon as they reach hospital.  


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