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Tech Mela 2014 event is aimed at having an exclusive meet for different entities of IT related people where future and high-end technologies of Microsoft would be discussed. Apart from this, we would also like to make this event as an opportunity where Microsoft Community including different IT communities, could have a better platform for interaction and relation building in a relaxed and peaceful environment.  This event is taken as training cum recreational experience to gear-up the Microsoft Community to better understand and fulfill the requirements. With the ever changing ICT environment that we face, we would take this opportunity to look at the future of our business and proceed according to the needs of the ever changing environment. 

Activities around this Tech Mela: Tech Mela 2014 Inauguration Ceremony: A major inauguration by a prominent figure will be organized in order to bring the importance of this event to the media and others concerned.  

Panel Discussion: Panel discussion will be one of the major events that will be organized in Tech Mela this year. Both the days of Tech Mela will witness panel discussion happening in different themes. Day one will have panel discussion with theme ‘Role, challenges & Issues of Information Technology in non-IT Sectors’ while day two will have panelists to discuss in ‘IT Entrepreneurship’. 

Inauguration of Microsoft Ventures Nepal: Microsoft Ventures- a very new program for startups, which is already in operation in 9 major cities across the world will be officially inaugurated in Nepal at Tech Mela. Microsoft Ventures is a strategic partner for promising startups around the world focused on business growth & development, industrial strength technology and beautiful usable products. Microsoft Ventures is especially keen to partner with proven young B2B startups looking to leverage global routes to market. 


Conference sessions: About eight to nine Microsoft Technologies will be featured for whole day each of deep-down technical briefing.  A lot of this curriculum will be gotten from Microsoft Learning First Look Clinics.  

The Microsoft products, solutions & programs that we shall talk about during these sessions will be among: 


  1. Windows 8.1
  2. Windows Server 2012 R2 and Virtualization
  3. Windows Azure and SQL Azure
  4. Visual Studio 2012 
  5. Office 2013 and Office 365
  6. What’s new with HTML5
  7. System Center 2012
  8. SharePoint 2013 
  9. SQL Server 2012
  10. Windows Azure Services
  11. Exchange Server 2013 


  1. Value of Certification
  2. MSP Program
  3. Web App
  4. BizSpark Nepal 
  5. DreamSpark Premium
  6. MICNIC 
  7. Digital Literacy
  8. CityApps 

Student Win 8 and 8.1 App Showcase:  We will invite student tech clubs from various colleges to come and showcase their windows 8 an 8.1 apps to encourage them to be innovative and creative with the solutions that they create. 

Microsoft Innovation Center:  Technology centers are offering a comprehensive set of programs and services to foster innovation and grow sustainable local software economies. Microsoft and Partners in each community work together to operate the Innovation Center which are open to students, professional software developers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academic researchers. While each Center tunes its programs to local needs, they all provide similar content and services designed to accelerate technology advances and stimulate local software economies through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovation. Primary areas of focus and the activities around it include:

o Skills and Workforce Development

o Business and Industry Partnerships

o Solutions and Innovation 

Gaming Competition on Xbox360 with Kinect: As a part of fun, whether it’s working up a sweat or just getting the synapses snapping, Kinect features games that are good for mind, body and soul. We will have a hall that would feature Xbox360 gaming console where visitors and get their hands on with the cutting edge technology. 

Windows Server Community Program:  We will invite IT Professionals and students in this conference hall and brief about the technical community activities, deep down technical presentations and demo about Windows Server and related IT infrastructure technologies. WinServer Community, Windows Server focused community in Nepal will take lead of the programs here.

WinServer Community: WinServer Community is a non-for-profit community, a forum for IT Pros by IT Pros. The main motto of the community is 'to share is to care' and 'in teaching do we learn'.  Finding answers. Sharing ideas. Solving problems. Whatever your goals, the WinServer Community is primarily a Windows Server users group that would help you get more out of the latest server technologies. WinServer Community is expected to help IT and Engineering Students, IT Professionals, administrators deploy Windows Server technologies on the Internet and within the enterprise, specifically to improve core technology disciplines in Windows Server environment; to expose members to technologies and best practices, etc. 

ASP.Net Community Program:  We will invite developers and students in this conference room and brief about the community activities, deep down technical presentations and demo about ASPNET Community will be managing this conference hall.


Asp.Net Community:  ASPNET Community is an online platform where .net geeks from all around the globe can gather to share their knowledge and views. Share your experiences, problems you are facing, exchange your ideas and knowledge and obtain better understanding of what you are doing. Become a member and spread your knowledge and ideas through our blog, forum and snippets section and broaden your professional network. We will invite professionals and students in this conference room and brief about the community activities, deep down technical presentations and demo about  

Community Chautari: Primarily, Microsoft Student Partners will be managing and directly involved as speakers on various Microsoft technologies and programs in this track. 

SQL Server Community Program:  We will invite Database Professionals and students in this conference room and brief about the community activities, deep down technical presentations and demo features and capabilities of SQL Server. Himalayan SQL Server User Group will be managing this conference hall.

Himalayan SQL Server User Group:  Himalayan SQL Server User Group is a team of professionals of Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence Community working together to become a solution provider in SQL Server through forums and SQL Chapter members. We are an independent, user-led, not-for-profit organization working to help the community through the expertise of our members. We are the authorized PASS , GITCA and INETA Chapter here in Nepal.

Appathon:  We will invite professional developers and students in this conference room where participants will be required to develop apps for either Windows Phone, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 platform. A group of talented and experienced Apps developers will be handling this conference. 

Appathons have been incredibly successful in bringing together the technology and local knowledge to solve problems. Most recently, for a similar event- Microsoft had partnered the CITYNET network to conduct CityApp, Innovative Solutions for cities to help cities and local government of Nepal solve the common issues and make cities better with the help of technology.

Booths by hiring Managers:  We will invite upto 25 hiring managers from various IT and non IT based companies to put up their booths to showcase their products and services along with 


Katha Ra Byatha:

“Katha ra Byatha: Innopreneur Ko” in Nepali means Inspiration and Pains of an Innovation Entrepreneur.   Katha ra Byatha Innopreneur ko is a monthly series of discussion forum on topical subjects focused on innovative entrepreneurs (in our words innoproneurs) in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and development with the perspective of Nepal. Each monthly discussion will showcase a successful entrepreneur in the tech sector of Nepal. The format of the discussion is that an entrepreneur would present the theme of the discussion in the form of a presentation, normally for about 20-30 minutes and a panel of expert commentators would comment on the presentation given. And lastly the floor would be open for comments, questions and clarifications from the audience.  We hope to bring an event with an Innopreneur in this series of discussions at Tech Mela to ensure that the lives of these stories of the struggles, hardships and successes and failures give out a good lesion to emerging young entrepreneurs in respect to the local market.  All the discussions will be around the areas of entrepreneurship and ICT & development in Nepalese perspective.  

Tech Mela Entrance System

 Free Entrance upon pre-registration for Main Conference, Community Chautari, Windows Server Community, .NET Community and SQL Server Community Programs.

 Barcode entry system will be enforced in order to keep logging of no. of visitors.

 Door prizes will be arranged for building excitement among the visitors.    

Target Audience

A total of 5, 000 unique visitors are expected to participate in various sessions at Tech Mela this year. We are expecting 

 Students from Higher secondary schools majoring in science.   

 Technology graduates and students perusing BCA, BIT, BE, BScCsIT, etc. in various colleges and universities.

 IT Professionals, Software Developers, IT Faculty Members, IT College administrators and other technology enthusiasts.

 Students and graduates from Business schools for entrepreneurship sessions. 




MIC Director:
Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

MIC Manager:
Junu Thapa


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