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Speaker Profile - Hour of Code #WeSpeakCode

Name: Manisha Lama (MSP 2014)

College: Acme Engineering College
Currently studying B.E in Computer

"#WeSpeakCode really works great for those who wants to learn coding within an hour. Its fun easy and quite interesting to learn coding."

Name: Bhanu Shrestha (MSP 2014)
I am studying B.Sc.CSIT at Prime College ,currently in my 5th semester. I am 21 years old.

I have always been fascinated by programming concepts and the fascinating field of computer science. I am always eager to learn more about technology and new technological innovations.

As I am a student of programming, I like to learn new and interesting methods in programming and go through forums and blogs about how to implement them and also perform tweaks of my own whenever I get the chance.

I am also an avid gamer and play Dota 2 whenever I am free.

I have been excited about the Week of Code ever since I got to know about it as it allows me to share my passion for coding and technology with other people and hopefully get them as excited about programming as i am.

The week of code and hour of code is a great platform for us to get people to look at coding in a different way.Everyone is touched by technology and the coding that is at the heart of it. From all the computer games to all the programs that people use in thier daily lives, coding is involved everywhere yet so many people are still unaware about what coding really is. Coding is not the overtly complicated brain sapping task reserved just for the super genius Geeks who sit around a PC all day but a clever way to implement your own logic to create something new and magical with just some simple lines you type on. Anyone can learn to code and feel the joy of being able to create and explore its limitless possibilities and this message is what I hope to spread with the Week of Code and Hour of Code.

Oyesh Mann Singh

Alma mater - Electronics Engineering, Kathmandu Engineering College
- Associate Software Engineer at SPI Nepal

I believe "Hour of Code" is a great event in order to induct more number of people who are interested in programming. Since, I was really enthralled by the computers and programming from my childhood, and now its turn to share your knowledge with the beginners, and this platform is really going to help those who are excited not just about learning "how to code" but also on passing the knowledge to others.
          I'm pretty excited to join this event and I want to make this event a big success.

Puran Adhikari

I am studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) at Ambition College, currently in Fifth Semester.

As a student of Computer Science I do have keen interest in new technologies. I want to learn and explore new concepts and methodologies to solve the real world problems by the use of technology. Moreover, I am passionate in programming. I do love coding because it is exciting and interesting. Basically, I use the programming languages C# and PHP while coding.

When I heard about “Hour of Code”, I immediately searched about it and completed my “Hour of Code” just after hearing. I didn’t have imagined before that the “Hour of Code” is like this. It’s really good to all kinds of people. The main advantage is, “Anybody Can Code”. There is no need to be a programmer to code. The simple “Drag and Drop” will make us to code easily.

Now, the campaign “Week of Code” is going to be run. I know, we can run it very well and everyone is beneficiated from this.

Resham Kshetri

Its me Resham Kshetri a B.Sc.CSIT student studying at Texas College ,currently in my 5th semester. I am 21 years old.

As a student of IT I have a keen interest on programming and I hope this program will certainly help to develop a concept and interest of coding to all.

Susil Chhetri

College: Amarsingh Model Higher Secondary School (Pokhara) Currently studying Management ----Field Of IT(+12) "#WeSpeakCode really works great for those who wants to learn coding within an hour. Its fun easy and quite interesting to learn coding."

Bibek Poudel
I am a student currently studying A-Levels at Xavier International College. Programming has been my passion since childhood. I have knowledge of Python, Visual Basic, C#, PHP and JavaScript. Even today, I crawl through different sites to learn new programming language and new coding techniques.  I believe imagination has no rules and coding has no limit.
Coding has brought a huge change in my life. Coding improved my thinking ability and problem solving techniques.  Therefore, I want every individual to learn to code so that they can bring about change in themselves.
#WESPEAKCODE is a perfect platform for me to aware people about advantages of learning to code. I will also gain a new experience. Moreover, One great person has said,” If you share more, you will learn more.”

Ishan Lamsal

School: AVM Higher Secondary School

I have recently finished my SLC examinations and am acquiring coding and web designing knowledge.

Programming has always fascinated to me to challenge myself on what I know about coding. I started as a QBASIC coder from my school and now I am currently learning C, Javascript and VB.

I am also a gamer and spend much of my time playing Counter-Strike and I am a beginner in DOTA. I am not much of a geek but am still quite geeky.

When I heard about Hour of Code, I was very fascinated by its awesomeness. It approach to coding was very cool and everybody from 3 years old to 100+ years old person could participate. This step very much attracted me and I wanted to share this to my school juniors who thinks that coding is very hard and unnecesary. I want to change their view about coding and make them learn it in a fun way. Week of Code seems to be the perfect chance to spread ‘Hour of Code’ to my fellow juniors.

Romit Maharjan

SCHOOL: A.V.M Higher Secondary School

I just finished my “S.L.C” exams and right now I’m learning web designing & programming at “APTECH” located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur.

Programming/Coding has been a topic of excitement for me since my childhood. I’m Q-BASIC coder as well as I have some knowledge of C, VB, PHP. I’m a part time DOTA player and Cricket (virtual) player.

When I heard about “Hour of code” I was delighted to know that it provides easy approach to learn the basis of programming. It is very good opportunity for early coders to learn the coding in easy and simple way. So, I’m very excited to learn course provided by “Hour of code”.

Samanta Sharma

I am a student currently studying Bachelors in Computer Information System(BCIS) 3rd semester in Apex college. As a IT student, I have interest in computers and technology always excites me.I love exploring new things specially related with computers.I always try to learn new concepts and changes in technologies as this is the field I want to live in with.

“Hour of code” is very useful event and I m really convinced with its motto. This helps all the non-technical people who have interest in computers but find coding difficult learn a lot of things. I believe IT is the future of the world and “hour of code” will really help people learn more.

I hope organizing “week of code” campaign will help lots of students and will go as per our expectation.

Keshab Datt Joshi


Current work position :Managing Director At Gsahara computer & IT Research Center Mahendranagar kanchanpur Nepal

Office website


Code are our second mother language . if we think anything there is idea of something happen . we can express our dream on code . code make beautiful combination the final result is really wonderful .  I have work in my past some collage as computer teacher and some Gov and NGO as IT Trainer  . my I like online research. Searching new code . # wespeakecode  is also most important for every programmer and who are the field of IT.


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