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Youth For Reconstruction

The 25 April and 12 May earthquakes in central Nepal brought to light the level of risk in the country. It left more than 8,500 people dead and 17,000 injured. Significant infrastructure has been lost – up to 90% in the most affected areas – with well over 500,000 houses either destroyed or severely damaged. Less apparent, but equally as devastating, are the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost jobs and livelihoods who have limited access to public services, including schools and hospitals, many of which have been destroyed.

Decades of risk-blind development and chronic vulnerabilities, such as local poverty, ethnic diversity and inequality, increased risk in the seismically active region. Building back better is the driving motto of the reconstruction process, which allows to turn the disaster into an opportunity for resilient and sustainable development.

However, we all realize that business as usual is not an option in this dynamic environment. Development of technologies challenges many old-fashioned approaches in designing and managing programs, and at the same time offers immense opportunities to making them more responsive to the expectations of people, bringing them closer to the real beneficiaries, and ensuring their efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

Self-mobilization and engagement of youth in relief and recovery efforts was remarkable after the disaster, which showed the power of young people which could and should be directed towards rebuilding country. Besides, their open minded approach to everything they do helps to find creative solutions to the problems.

Hence, UNDP Nepal and Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal is collaborating to initiate an effort to find ways of making reconstruction processes effective and efficient, and make full benefit of the power of youth in ensuring that reconstruction is being felt by every citizen who was affected by the earthquake. As an initiation, we are organizing a Youth for Reconstruction Appathon where designers, developers, strategists and project managers who want to make a difference through technology will gather and work in an unnerving, challenging and fast paced event to develop many innovation solutions in the theme based on how to engage youths in reconstruction process.

Join us for the Hackathon and help us find the answers to the questions on how to engage youth in reconstruction process.

Register your team for #Youth4Recon Appathon here. (Deadline: 5 October, 2015)

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