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Dev Intern Profiles - 1st Batch

Profiles of Dev Interns (May 2016) First batch:

Swastika Kadariya:

I am Swastika Kadariya, final year running student in Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce. My experience here is amazing. I remember my first day in MIC, walking in very nervous and taking a seat. I could see my expression mirrored in other’s face as well. After being welcomed very warmly, my anxiety went away. These two weeks in MIC has been one of the most productive times in my life. From working in team to attending TechMela 2016 as an organizer, MIC has given me a variety of experience. So I can say I am learning professionalism in MIC. I would like to thank MIC Nepal for providing me with this wonderful experience. What I will learn in the span of these two months will always be a big part of me growing up.


Rohit Shrestha:

I am Rohit Shrestha, currently studying in 5th Semester at College of Information Technology and Engineering. Currently I am working as an intern in Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) Nepal. Being part of MIC Nepal has been one of the best part of my life. I have got chance to learn new things in MIC Nepal. I am grateful to MIC for providing a platform to apply my knowledge I gained in college. Besides this, I am having a great time working with wonderful friends in MIC Nepal. I have learned new things to skill me up such as Effective Email writing which is so important part of life. We too had different class in ASP.Net, MVC, UWP apps.

Pratichha Kunwar:

I am Pratichha Kunwar, currently studying 7thsemester at Amrit Campus. It was so wonderful to be a part of MIC Nepal. I have had great experiences with interactive friends and I felt lucky to be part of intern at MIC Nepal. We are with good mentors to guide us on every difficulty. As my expectation, I am getting opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional environment. This internship is the first opportunity for me to know what it is like to work in an office. Thanks to MIC for such a wonderful opportunity and thanks to all our mentors. Wish to get more skill up training and nice time with MIC.


Nasip Shrestha:

I am Nasip Shrestha, currently studying Bsc. CSIT in 7th Semester at Amrit Campus. Besides my college studies I am currently working as an intern in Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal. I have become a part of MIC Nepal and I have had a wonderful experience working in MIC Nepal. I had applied in MIC to learn and upgrade my knowledge but I have got more than I had expected. Along with learning, I also got chance to know how a project is carried out in an office. Apart from the official work I feel lucky to have got such wonderful friends. Each day in MIC has been a learning curve for me and I hope this learning period extends for much time to come.

Inisha Pradhan:

My name is Inisha Pradhan, living near (Jybhal) Newroad. I am currently studying in 4th semester in Softwarica College of IT and E-Commerce, Dillibazar. I am interested in programming and database in any platform. I am doing intern from 15thMay and the days spent here till now are knowledgeable and skillful. It is grateful to be a part of such a big organization (MIC Nepal). As an intern in MIC Nepal, my knowledge has been expanded and I have got change to work in live projects.


Eliza Pradhan:

I am Eliza Pradhan. I am a bachelor’s student at Amrit Campus in Computer Science and Information Technology. I got to work in a team and a project of making a KIOSK app. The field was totally new to me and within these 8 weeks I got to learn and implement those in a project and work as a team. The intern friends that were unknown some days ago now are really good friends working and having fun together. In MIC Nepal even the seniors and our buddy are friendly and helpful. I got to learn many things from them as well.


Chandan Shriwastava:

My Name is Chandan Shriwastava, I came from Birgunj, aged 26, married an also have a baby girl. Graduate in BCA, with 2.91 GCPA. Interested in developing career as a developer regardless of platform. I joined MIC Nepal as an intern with a view that this should be a catalyst in my career to enhance and initiate my career. I earlier had a career in other field as Pharma Marketer in an MNC with a good career and growth ahead, but just for the passion of code I came back and decided to pursue my career in the field of programming.


Bikesh Maharjan:

Bikesh Maharjan is young and passionate application developer. Currently, Bikesh has been earning his Bachelor's degree in BSc.CSIT at Kathmandu BernHardt College and working as a proficient android developer at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal. Planning to extend his knowledge for iOS development as well very soon.

Aakesh Kunwar:

My name is Aakesh Kunwar, currently studying 8th semester in Kathmandu BernHardt College. I want to be a developer. As an intern in MIC Nepal, I have been learning several key concepts that is enhancing my classroom instructions. It is delightful to be the part of MIC Nepal and to work in the live projects. Each day as an intern in MIC Nepal is the day to explore new skills and knowledge. Thanks to MIC Nepal for this opportunity.



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