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Inter Profiles - 2nd Batch

Interns Profile July 2016(2nd Batch)

       Bikram Guvaju:

I am Bikram Guvaju and I am bachelor student at International School of Management and Technology (ISMT), TInkune. I am specializing in .NET and have always eager to know more about the latest technological things. While talking about myself, I am an enthusiast learner and love to code with taking the leadership with the team members. Thanks to the Microsoft Innovation Centre, from this organization, I have experienced a wonderful working experience.

Currently, our team is working on project called AttendAnEvent and it consists of 4 members including Rikesh Upadhyay, Sudip Ranabhat, Pawan Karki and myself. And also, thanks to Ravi Mandal, who has been helping our team as the team leader. He has been the great guide to us. From this skill up intern, I have been lucky to work with new developers. And at last, thanks to Suchitra Maharjan as being my buddy, who has been helping for any of the problems during working hours. I am sure this skill up intern will help me for shaping my future and take my knowledge to the next level.

1.     Kamana Shrestha:

HI, I am kamana shrestha from Nepal Engineering College currently in my 3rd year. From my childhood I have always been interested in technology /gadget or let's say I always wonder how people invent new things. So, I want to be an App Developer in my near future.

I would like to thank all the MIC team for providing me with such opportunities and it makes me proud to call myself an intern developer at MIC as well as MSP2017. It is grateful to be a part of such a big organization (MIC Nepal). As an intern in MIC Nepal, my knowledge has been expanded and I have got change to work in live projects.

        Laxmila Shrestha:

I am Laxmila Shrestha, currently studying in BE(computer) 6th Semester at College of Information Technology and Engineering. Currently I am working as an intern in Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) Nepal.

I would like to thank MIC Nepal for providing me this opportunities to pour my knowledge in developing field along with the mentor. As an intern, I have learned new things to skill me up, we too had different class in Azure, MVC, UWP apps.

MIC Nepal will be always remembered for providing us a platform to get good career ahead.

        Manish Aryal:

Hi, I'm Manish Aryal. I'm A level graduate taking a gap year. So, primarily to utilize my gap year, I applied for internship here at MIC. And these two months might have been the most productive time throughout my gap year.

The time at MIC is going great, the working environment, the peers, the developers, everything is great here. I'm enjoying here, not to forget loads and loads of new things I'm learning, C#, XAML, MVC, just to name a few; my brain is having a great workout. I didn't even realize the time passing by.

 Also, I believe the experience here will take me a long way through my future endeavors.

The internship has guided me to the shape where I understand, maybe not comprehensively, what is it like in the career I'm intending to pursue.  I'm really grateful and thankful to MIC for everything.

        Pawan Karki:

My name is Pawan Karki, currently studying 6th sem in Amrit Science Campus. I want to be a ASP.Net developer. As an intern in MIC Nepal, I have been learning several key concepts that is enhancing my classroom instructions and building my knowledge. It is really amazing to be the part of MIC Nepal and to work in the live projects where each task makes us more experience. Each day as an intern in MIC Nepal my knowledge and skill is increasing. Thanks to MIC Nepal for this wonderful opportunity.

        Rikesh Upadhyay:

I, myself Rikesh Upadhyay, currently pursuing Bachelors in Computing (HONS) at the British College affiliation with the Leeds Beckket University, UK . My passion and my career is to be a web/app developer. As an intern at MIC Nepal, I have been learning and developing my skills in the field of computer science. It is an exciting opportunity to be the part of MIC Nepal and to work with an amazing team and seniors where each work helps me to develop my skills. Thanks to MIC Nepal for this wonderful opportunity.

        Roshan Shrestha:

 I am Roshan Shrestha currently studying in 6th Semester at College of Information Technology and Engineering. I am involved in project entitled “Doctor Appointment System” at MIC Nepal. I have gained many ideas and skills from training session and guidance provided by our seniors. Working as a part of MIC Nepal it has been wonderful experience. MIC Nepal has provided us a good platform to explore our knowledge as well as ourselves and also made us capable of making decisions. I would like to thank MIC Nepal with all my heart.

Sudip Ranabhat:

I am Sudip Ranabhat. I have completed my Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Advanced College of Engineering and Management. Here at MIC Nepal I am learning several key concepts which has helped me a lot to polish my skill. Every day I learn something new about technology and programming skill and I am sure it is helping me to make myself valuable. Thanks to MIC Nepal for this opportunity.

1.     Sushan Maharjan:

I am Sushan Maharjan, a BIM graduate from St. Xavier college. It has been a good experience in the internship till date.

We get the opportunity to learn and experience new things every day. The presentations and sessions given by the seniors have been very informative and knowledgeable.

I am currently working on a real time project which has helped me to implement my theoretical knowledge. The research done in free time also has helped a lot in self-learning and development. I would like to thank MIC Nepal for this great opportunity.




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