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Intern Profiles - 3rd Batch

Profiles of Skill Up Interns (October 2016) 3rd Batch

Bibesh Manandhar:

Bibesh Manandhar, currently studying Bachelor of Information Management(BIM) at Asian School of Management and Technology, Gongabu in 7th semester. He has gained knowledge in Android application development as well as basic .NET development. He is very much interested in Mobile application development and expected to get knowledge in cross-platform application development from this internship program.


Roshan Chapagain:

Roshan Chapagain is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology degree. He is currently in the third semester and studies at St. Xavier's College. Roshan expects great things from the internship program. He expects to gain professional knowledge and skills. He wants to learn to be a team player and develop his soft skills too. At the end of the internship program Roshan expects to be industry-ready.


Prabodh Tuladhar:

Prabodh is a student of Prime College currently studying in 8th Semester enrolled in BSc. CSIT. He is passionate and enthusiastic about coding. He expects to learn and obtain guidance from this institution. He expects to gain experience related to software design and development.


Bipin Shrestha:

I am Bipin Shrestha. I am studying BSc. CSIT at Prime College. I am currently in 6th semester and I have knowledge in php, java and android and through this internship program I am confident that I will be able to develop my skills and have experience of working in enterprise level projects. I am sure that this will be the springboard for me towards my professional career.


Sanjina Poudel:

Fresh graduate from Paschimanchal Campus, IOE, Pokhara, Sanjina Poudel had completed her bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. She had built web application and android application as her college project using JSP, mysql, bootstrap, etc. technologies. She also took core java training.
She is seeking a platform to contribute in the programming fields to develop herself as a developer. As an intern, she wants to learn new technologies & build more confidence in her programming skills.


Ruhi Maharjan:

Ruhi Maharjan, student of BSc.CSIT, 8th semester at Prime College, Nayabazar, Kathmandu. She is passionate about designing and has worked as graphic designer for a year. She wants to gain knowledge and looking forward to develop her skills in programming field. Her expectation from internship program is to experience working on real world and projects with the qualified mentors.


Rashna Shrestha:

Rashna Shrestha is currently in 6th semester studying CSIT at Asian College of Higher Studies. She is familiar with C, C++, Java, html, css and JavaScript. She has done a college project in Java. She is passionate towards website development. Through this internship program, she expects to boost her programming skills and to work in real projects as well.


Preety Regmi:

Preety Regmi, is a fresh graduate from Pashchimanchal Campus, Pokhara as a computer engineer. She is a web developer. With php, html, css and mysql she accomplished her minor project entitled "WEB-BASED STUDENT GUIDEBOOK" which was a web based application. Later. she developed a desktop application "INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" using and MS-SQL. Other than that she also took trainings on android studio and java. Currently she is working as an intern at MIC, Nepal. She expects to learn new skills from the program in order to establish herself as a professional developer.

Nitu Vaidya:

Nitu Vaidya has recently completed her Bachelors in Computer Information System from Apex College. She has done internship as a dot net programmer at Bent Ray Technologies, Kupondole. She has worked with windows forms and web forms and has keen interest in programming. Her final year project was a web application entitled Business on the Go. She has currently enrolled in a skill up internship at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal and expects to get hands on experience on real world projects. She believes that this internship will help her gain as well as enhance her skills and abilities.

Rishav Gautam:

Rishav Gautam is currently studying B.Sc. CSIT from Kathmandu BernHardt College. He is very passionate about technology and is currently an intern at MIC Nepal working on web platform using .net. With this internship opportunity he expects to become skillful to work in real-world projects and gain knowledge. 

Sandesh Karki:

Sandesh is a student currently studying Bsc. CSIT in 4th semester from Swastik college. He loves technology mainly .Net and loves to work with Azure, UWP and ASP.NET. He expects to get more knowledge working with real projects here from this internship program.


Alina Shrestha:

Alina Shrestha, she is currently studying BSc. CSIT at Patan Multiple College, Lalitpur in 6th semester. She has self-experience in building webpages. She wants to build knowledge in programming. She is looking forward to have real world experience from this internship. She also wants to use her course knowledge in real world project.


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