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Unlimited Pre-Accelerator 2nd Batch

Startups is an online grocery store where you can order vegetables, fruits and grocery items needed in kitchen. gets its agro-products and other grocery items directly from farms and deliver them to your doorsteps at rate lower than what's available at the market. They also supply fertilizers, pesticides, etc. to farmers. reduce the long chain of intermediaries that exists between the producers and consumers. It aim to establish itself as amazon for agro and grocery products.


There is a large number of visually impaired individuals who are able to use today's technology such as computer or cell phones. In spite of these abilities, they have not had the chance to play games on these devices.

Hraswo is here to provide entertainment in their life. Our team at Hraswo have developed a game AudioCrumbs, an audio based game that relies on the user's hearing sense to locate the sound producing object in it. It is an engaging game which not only visually impaired individuals but any one else can enjoy to test their ability to hear sound.


Kaaikaas is a hardware and software development company, specialized in Internet of Things (IoT). We design and manufacture hardware that connects the existing electronic appliances to the smartphone via an app. Kaaikaas aims to improve the system we are living with.

According to the research, around 400,000 liters of water is wasted every week in Kathmandu alone due to overflow of water from the water tank. That amount of water is equal to 50 tanker of water. Our goal is to eliminate those human errors which causes water wastage with Wever.

Wever is a device, a smart IoT technology, which helps to control the water pump according to the water level in the water reservoir. In addition, you can also monitor the water usage in the house through the app. We help to improve the house water system with the use of Wever and  save water.


You Don’t Know How To Drive?
You Don’t Need To. You Don’t Have a Driver’s License?
You Don’t Need To. You Don’t Know The Route To Your Destination? You Don’t Need To.
All You Need To Is Buy A Go2.

Go2 is a Solar Powered Auto-navigating vehicle that drives all by itself.

Motomixerz presents you an automobile, Go2 that drive you safely to your destination on a single command. Go2 helps transport the unable, differently abled, the underage and even us.

Imagine your freedom without a steering, your independence over fossil fuel, your commute time being productive, your travel being safe and the future being presented to you. Thereby, Go2 not only becomes an evolution to the automobile industry, but a revolution.


Fiyodo is an online portal that enables the customers to search, view information and buy Nepalese handicrafts. Fiyodo act as the only mediator between the skilled artisan and the customers, giving both artisan and the customers a good price while cutting down the cost of middle-men.


  • Felt products

  • Handmade Jewelry

  • Woolen products

  • NepOrder

    Don't waste time just NepOrder!

    NepOrder is an online e-commerce portal for buying and selling goods specially for clothing, electronics and stationeries. NepOrder simplifies trading of goods in Nepal. The incontinent, time consuming and expensive traditional trading method will be replaced by NepOrder with cheaper rate, on time delivery and availability of choices.

    NepOrder is apt for both individual customers and business enterprises who buy items in bulk. Our aim is to develop Nepal's largest business hub.

    Mero Pathsala

    Mero Pathshala is a 3D role playing game. Based on a school environment, it captures the story of two high school friends: Ram and Hari.

    What will happen when one of them suddenly becomes injured and is forced to use wheelchair for the rest of his life?

    Follow Ram and Hari’s journey and discover:

  • Interactive gameplay and environment
  • Realistic graphics
  • Learning with fun

  • Mero Pathshala aims to bring forth the problems faced by the differently abled because:

    “The first step in solving a problem is realizing that there is one.”



    Agraj Dangal


    Institution of Suitable
    Action for Prosperity



    Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

    Regional Director,



      Amrit Man Tuladhar




    Hempal Shrestha

    Chairperson– R&D

    Federation of 
    Computer Association



    Karmath Dangol

    VP of Engineering,



    Prakash Amatya

    Country Director,




    Rajendra Man Banepali

    Management Associate,

    United Nations
    Information Centre




    MIC Director:
    Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

    MIC Manager:
    Junu Thapa


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