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Restaurants and hotel are running successfully for decades but efficiency is still the greatest issue for restaurant industry. Due to lack of proper information analysis in business process many restaurants suffer from heavy loss or even to closing the business point. Solutions for tracking the information of restaurants are available but still they are useless because they need users to input the data manually and this process is time as well as money consuming. So we introduce our product SMART MENU which is an interactive digital menus based on tablets which acts as a digital inventory entry assistance for restaurants. Imagine not worrying about how much of your inventory is consumed and how much is remaining at the end of the day all information you need to know about that day in one single dashboard, YES our solution makes it possible for you



Healthy life is what we all want. We always search for good health care facilities. But in the process we face many challenges. Long waiting time to get a doctor’s appointments and to visit them most common one.                

Gohealth-e, is our solution for this problem where a patient can take appointments online and will also be notified about the date and time via text message. Our system schedules the appointments automatically so doctors will be able to manage time accordingly and hospitals will be able to operate efficiently.



Solution suitable for every advertisers & users. Surfinza, a great platform for people who advertises & promote their products to the targeted audience and also gets useful data for business analysis. The viewers in return gets free data package as reward.

Surfinza revolutionize the way of people view the advertisement.



Singersfactory helps singers create songs, sell songs, create singers/musician profile and get in touch with fans directly. We are one stop solution for your musical journey.

This is an idea that has never been tried before in Nepal and its objective, besides aiming to be a successful entrepreneurial venture, is to jump start the Nepali music industry again and create a sustainable ecosystem for music world and the people that inhabit it to co-operatively create and thrive.  

My Farm


Huge potential of farmers as well as experts get lost due to lack of a platform where information can be shared from both the ends. When one gets right information at right time is when the information is utilized. Our company focuses on creating a platform for communication between farmers and experts through digitization of activities and information sharing.

My Farm gives farmers a place where they can keep record of all the activities in the farm. Management starts with measurement and that is what My Farm follows. In return of their data feed, farmers get reliable information from experts about the particular crop that they are cultivating. Experts on the other hand use records saved by farmers for real-time data analysis.



Do you want to save water?

Do you want to be eco-friendly?

Do you want to be healthy?

 Laptey is a leaf plates & bowls, made from Sal Tree Leaves which are:

· Easy to use, environment friendly, biodegradable.

· Saves water, time & manpower.

· One of income source for rural communities.

Mission: Serving Laptey for a cleaner and greener environment helping you to go green and stay clean.

So, come use Laptey and create a better environment to live for us as well as for our next generation.



Did you Know? We tend to pay more than an actual medicine cost.


Dosewallet is a mobile application that brings a whole new dynamics to what and how and where we buy our medicines.

We provide

· Medicine’s information will be in your pocket every time including its price, discount and substitutes.

· Medicines can be easily searched nearby, just with one click.

· Easy to remember and purchase you medicine on time.

· No fear of losing your prescription, it will always be in your pocket.



Nepal has over 100,000 tourist visits each year who come for the sole purpose of trekking. Many of these trekkers and hikers do not get or have adequate information on these trails nor the facilities around these trails. And, with less visits in these places, people tend to not explore these places.


We at Tripmandu believe in the complete experience to travel. Our mobile app, will provide all the information on these hiking and trekking trails. Not just this we will provide information on all the facilities around the trails. And, with the offline maps available and GPS locations integrated, travelling will be made much easier. Inclusion of hike logs ensures that users get the opportunity to record their experiences and share them on to different social media platforms. Later on, after analysis of the trends set by the existing users, Tripmandu plans on providing unique travel packages that will suit people of all ages.


Tripmandu exists and believes that with the integration of information technology and tourism industry, many opportunities will come to existence for the development of local tourism and hopefully globally as well. 

So, come travel with us!

Krishi Ghar

Krishi Ghar is a mobile app developed by that provides relevant agriculture information, to right people, at right time and at right place from relevant source. A large number of farmers in Nepal has already been benefiting from Krishi Ghar. It is an easy to use e-agriculture framework with huge impact.


Krishi Ghar-कृषि घर from has also been nominated in "WSIS Project Prizes 2015" in category "C7. ICT APPLICATIONS: E-AGRICULTURE”. Among thousands of projects from all around the globe we are among top 15.



"Yakwalk creates consumer products using embedded design system that simplify life and business".

Yakwalk is a company working in the field of embedded electronics and consumer products. Through innovative, reliable products and servlces, we add a new angle in the world. Our flagship product — Yak Watch defines our commitment to revolutionize the way people care their children. And our products have evolved from lab to the cloud and this is what we like to define as "Innovation for You".



Being natural is not a statement, it’s the closest you can get to yourself.

Tired of finding a better plus fashionable alternative to those nylon or other fiber that might cause irritation and discomfort when worn for longer time? Try allowearz, it is a natural fibers extracted and spurned to weave durable jackets, porter’s head bands, bags, sacks, shoes. Additionally, it helps in

· Regularity in blood pressure

· Prevents skin diseases and infections

· It prevent us from harmful rays, UV rays

· Maintain the body temperature in both summer and winter.

Plus, it bring income to poor and smallholder families in areas of food shortage and preserves ancient cultural practices through employment.

So, with allo live healthy and fashionably with little texture of humanity.


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